Thematic /THəˈmadik/
“having or relating to subjects or a particular subject.”

   Thematic is a modern progressive rock band from America. Members are Kevin Samuel, Nate Buesching, John Wather, and Max Monzon. Together they form a bridge between Chicago and Fort Wayne where the band is based. Distance has meant nothing for the members of Thematic as this was how they came to be from the start. In the summer of 2013 Kevin, Nate, and John decided to embark on a process to record a full length album as a studio project. Having all come from musical backgrounds they were already experienced in the world of audio engineering and music production. The mission was to create something that they all knew couldn’t be done without the assistance of a Major Label backing the production of a full length album. The tradeoff was the countless nights and hours of writing, recording, mixing, producing and mastering an album that would hold up to any professional studio or Major Label release. This was the beginning of Thematic in essence. With a “do-it-yourself” mentality, they wanted to prove to themselves and everyone that whatever they dreamt they could construct into reality.

   It wasn’t until after halfway through the recording of their debut album, “The Endless Light,” that they went on a search for the voice that would bring their vision to life. In the winter of 2013, Thematic scoured the internet for a voice suitable to make this happen. After posting an audition video on the website, YouTube, a vast amount of singers stepped forward to audition. Max Monzon from Chicago caught our attention right away with his professionalism and passion for music. It was as if a light bulb had been turned on and we could see even more clearly what this picture of an album was going to turn out to be. By means of the internet and Skype, we were able to write and collaborate with Max without ever having to have him be face-to-face. Only in this day in age could something like this happen. For months we passed back and forth demos between each other and collaborated on the writing process for the lyrics to the songs and developing concepts for each song. Without ever intending to, we started to understand that in fact our debut album was a concept album when all was said and done.

   After a full year the album was finally finished. We found it fitting to name the album “The Endless Light.” The reason being, that this was the underlying theme throughout the entire album. Many of the songs have this inspiring constant that no matter where we are in the universe, there will always be an endless light emitting from some distant reach. From the first lyrics, “The endless light illuminating,” to the very last lyrics, “Keep on the beating heart,” this album is laced with many messages of philosophical and deep introspective understanding; all the while interweaving a story about the phases of life, death, human emotion, and the journey to enlightenment.

   Thematic has, much like their predecessors in the realm of progressive music, found themselves balancing the art of musical freedom and creativity within themselves as artists. For being a modern band in this vast avenue of progressive music, Thematic has enduring qualities that one may find reminiscent of classic prog bands of the day like Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush. As well as their modern counterparts in the last 20 years like Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Cynic, Tool, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Deftones, Between the Buried and Me, and Karnivool. Thematic still manages to create a sound that’s uniquely their own. This being that the main writing force isn’t just a single person but the group as a whole together is when the best music is made and this is heard throughout the album.


  Thematic has done everything independently up till this point. This has given us the ability to control the content and how we write our music without restriction. Everything you see and hear is directly from us which gives us a close and direct relationship to our fans.


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